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Head of Life Coaching

Valentina Willa

Valentina brings a unique depth to life coaching, shaped by her artist family background and her nomadic life across the world. Her insights are enriched by her past as a music director in London and six years in Berlin’s cultural scene. 

Rooted in empathy and creativity, her coaching ignites personal and professional growth, guiding clients towards rewiring their brains to craft the best versions of themselves, bring light into the shadows of life and discover their  purpose. 

Her practice is based on transformation, offering a judgment-free, motivational space where humor and lightness blend with clarity and depth to dive even into the darkest aspects of the self. 

Her mission is to illuminate the path to greater potential and empowerment, inviting clients to explore the vastness of their possibilities and help them overcome even the biggest challenges. 

ADHD, Grief, Neuroscience, Creative Practice, Shadow Work, Positive Psychology 

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