HOLISTIQ & Health Insurances
A love story.

Most HOLISTIQ services are covered by either your complementary or basic health insurances. This means that you first pay the prices shown online. Then, you get reimbursed for all or part of our services. The percentage that will be reimbursed to you ultimately depends on your insurance policy.

Which HOLISTIQ services are covered?

Complementary medicine (TCM + Naturopathy TEM): all our therapists are covered by all complementary health insurances. For example, most of our patients have 90% coverage: they pay CHF 156.- per hour and get reimbursed CHF 140.- after sending our invoice to their insurance.

Health Coaches & Nutritionists: most of our therapists are covered by most complementary insurances. Check with us during the first free discovery call, we will guide you. In any case, your insurance would not cover the full value of the proposed health plans. Your insurance would cover the coaching sessions only.

Root-cause Medical Doctors: Your basic insurance will cover the first session of 50 minutes and the 30 min follow-ups. The hourly rate of our doctors is 190.-

Life coaching & Midwives: fully out-of-pocket for now with the notable exception of biofeedback, bioresonance and positive psychology.

How it works

The payment to Holistiq and the reimbursement by your health insurance are separated. It works in 2 steps:

  1. Invoice payment: we invoice you the price shown online: either per consultation (for complementary medicine or root cause medicine) or per month if you book a plan. Once you are committed to a health plan with the payment of the first monthly installments, you are bound to pay the plan monthly till the end of its specific duration.
  2. Submitting your invoice to your insurance for reimbursement: we will give you the relevant invoice to submit to your basic insurance (if root-cause medicine) or complementary insurance (for complementary medicine, health coaches and nutritionists). Your insurance will then reimburse you within circa 15 days.

Exploring your insurance options?

Ask one of the following insurances to send you a complementary medicine offer without franchise –
it generally takes 2 weeks to be activated and it will be valid for a minimum of 1 year for an unlimited amount. Our patients love Helsana and Groupe Mutuel as they offer a very generous coverage.


Need assistance with your insurance choices?

Navigating the world of complementary insurance can be complex, but you’re not alone! Our expert team is ready to assist you in understanding your options and guiding you towards the best choices for your holistic health needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out — we are here to help you make informed decisions with ease and confidence.

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