A holistic team for your health

Treat your chronic problems at the root and optimise health with natural treatments
and science-backed support.


Natural therapies for
longer-lasting results.


Recover from chronic symptoms via a unique set of recommendations and treatments.


Complete programs to bring results you can feel. Partly covered by your health insurance.


Holistic medicine based on your lab tests and lifestyle data.

Online nationwide or at our health centre in Zurich

Simple consultations or all-inclusive health and life coaching plans

health & life coaching

Our certified nutritionists cover key health topics in-depth: digestive issues (bloating, diarrhea, constipation), weight loss, allergies & intolerances and optimal sport nutrition.
Health Coaching
Our experts in women’s health, gut health and weight loss will bring you the science-backed solutions you need to come to terms with your symptoms or conditions.
Life Coaching
Certified life coaches are here to help you navigate challenging times and unlock your potential in relationships, professional & private goals, stress management, emotional intelligence and life transitions.

Complementary &
root-cause medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) activates your body’s awareness and self-healing capabilities through acupuncture, tuina massages, cupping, mushroom and herbal prescriptions.
Traditional European Medicine (TEM) uses the local legacy of natural healing to restore balance and strengthen your roots.
Our team of Medical Doctors have a root-cause approach to your persistent symptoms thanks to a comprehensive health and lifestyle overview, backed by relevant lab tests.

Natural healing,
backed by science.

What we cover


chronic disorders in

Women’s health
All-in-one plans in the fields of cycle disorders, fertility, pregnancy & postpartum, and Menopause. The Holistiq midwives and sex hormone experts support hundreds of women every month.
Gut health & digestive issues
Advanced gut health plans to tackle key problems like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, SIBO, SIFO, leaky gut, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory issues & Crohn disease.
Weight loss
Complete analysis of the causes of your overweight condition to unlock results you can feel and reduce the risks of diabetes type 2 and other inflammatory disorders.


sustainable health

Sex hormones
Hormonal imbalances can cause many troubles in both women and men. Our personalized plans will help you regulate and optimise your hormone levels through many different channels.
Sleep & stress
Lack of sleep and anxiety are the number 1 factor of many chronic issues. Advanced sleep and relaxation protocols will help you to unlock a healthier you.
Mental Support
Elevate your journey with our elite coaches. Transform obstacles into opportunities, fostering exceptional personal growth in the fields of Relationships, Stress & Anxiety, Purpose and Overthinking.

You are here for a reason:
let’s find out

A Holistiq Team
for your health

medical doctors

Our Medical Doctors are GPs with a modern functional approach to medicine. They offer tele-health diagnoses and prescriptions.

Covered by your basic health insurance.


Complementary medicine therapists

Naturopaths (TEM, Traditional European Medicine) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) support your healing organically – notably through vital mushrooms and herbal prescriptions.

Covered by your complementary insurance.

Onsite or Online

Health coaches, midwives
& nutritionists

Certified health experts and nutritionists are here to bring you the keys to unlock what you have been missing from a science perspective.

Some are covered by your complementary insurance.

Online or onsite


Experienced and certified life coaches accompany you in your journey to provide outstanding support in key areas like relationships, personal growth, life transitions and women’s leadership.

Online or onsite

How it works

Holistiq is crafting a modern way to approach your chronic disorders
by combining the best of what medical science and holistic medicine have to offer.

1. A 360° picture of your health

Discover the root cause of your chronic disorders through lifestyle data and biomarker analyses.

2. A personalised plan
is proposed

Your treatment plan will be explained and can combine other Holistiq disciplines to reach your goals.

3. Your treatment starts

Start online or onsite sessions with experts and receive custom supplements, mushrooms or herbs directly to your home.

Our team covers the following accreditations, certifications or diplomas from:

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