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Our Story

Holistiq was born with the firm intention to bring root-cause medicine to Europe and fill critical gaps in healthcare.

Our modern lifestyles have caused a significant rise in chronic disorders that conventional medicine alone cannot tackle properly.

By combining different healing systems and taking time for you, we maximize your chance of recovery and health optimisation.

For each field we cover, you are an active part of the healing process. Thanks to your lifestyle and health data – through your profile, lab tests and wearables – we measure and analyse millions of data points to improve and personalise your therapies.

From complementary medicine to nutrition, advanced health coaching, root-cause medicine and life coaching, Holistiq gives you the science-backed support to a sustainable health.

From the comfort of your home or in our health center in Zurich, we get you covered with a team of experts and unparalleled holistic medicine plans.


“Leveraging the power of life and health data at scale to fine-tune therapies is a complete revolution in the healthcare industry.“


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Meet your future
holistic medicine Team

The combined intelligence and long experience of our professionals make the Holistiq team truly unique.

Women’s health topics are covered by the best-in-class professionals from midwives to sex hormone experts. Gut health and weight loss topics are covered by certified nutritionists and health coaches with a root-cause approach to your conditions. Life transitions and challenges are covered by certified life coaches using an evidence-based approach.

All our experts are employed and follow the same standards of care and root-cause health protocols developed by Holistiq so you have a quality guaranteed.

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Our team covers the following accreditations, certifications or diplomas from:

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