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Life Coach

Pamela Blattner

Meet Pamela, a global nomad, people-lover, and certified life coach with 10+ years of experience in fostering personal and professional growth. Fluent in three languages and rocking a multi-culture mix, she’s your go-to for both spa-like zen and that propel-you-into-action motivation. Tapping into cutting-edge behavioral science, positive psychology, and neuroscience, she’ll guide you straight to those ‘Aha!’ moments.

Specialising in self-empowerment, stress management, and navigating life’s transitions, Pamela creates a supportive, non-judgmental space for your journey. Her expertise extends to women’s empowerment, perimenopause, highly sensitive person (HSP), and culturally responsive coaching. Trust in your potential and transform your life with coaching.

Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Women’s Empowerment, Behavioral Science, Personal and Professional Development, Perimenopause Coaching, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Culturally Responsive Coaching, Stress Management, Mental Wellbeing

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