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Complementary Medicine Therapist

Sara Kohout

Sara, a dedicated natural health practitioner specialising in Traditional European Medicine (TEN), received her training at the NHK (Institute for Integrative Naturopathy) in Zurich. She offers a wide range of therapies including massage, cupping, visceral treatments and foot reflexology, as well as providing nutritional and herbal nutritional and herbal advice based on the diagnostic tools of TEN.

Her deep passion lies in unlocking the secrets of the human body and restoring balance in a holistic way. With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Sara extends her expertise to hosting rejuvenating retreats on the shores of the serene Lake Walensee under the name QuintEssenz (www.5essenz.ch). Beyond her practice, she immerses herself in the world of medicinal plants and organises enlightening herbal walks to share her knowledge and appreciation of nature’s healing bounty.

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