Crushed by Chronic Fatigue: Navigating Modern-Day Exhaustion

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Chronic mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion are unfortunately common and widespread symptoms in our society. The causes can be diverse and a consequence of physical and/or mental overload or illnesses and treatments. People who are affected have great difficulty in carrying out everyday tasks and activities.They feel exhausted after even the smallest physical effort. This exhaustion runs through the everyday life and is usually increasingly met within comprehension by those around them. Since this condition builds up cumulatively, there are practically no factors, not even sleep or rest itself, that can improve this chronic condition. Other accompanying symptoms of those affected can be difficulty concentrating or thinking, sluggishness, listlessness, memory problems and reduced psychological well-being.

In Switzerland more than 17. 000 people are affected by chronic fatigue. Women are affected more often than men. Those affected are mostly between the ages of 20 and 50. However, the medical diagnoses, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) are not made as often, because for one of these diagnoses, the exhaustion must last for at least six months.¹

Tirednessand exhaustion from the TCM perspective

From the TCM perspective, the roots often lie in an abundance, an emptiness and/or a blockage of substances and Qi in the body. In the case of sleep problems, the heart – the seat of the mind – and the center – the source of blood – are often affected. If, for example, the center is out of balance, the other systems and organs are also no longer functioning normally. This imbalance can be caused by internal as well as external factors. But what this mean and how is balance restored?

In TCM, body, mind and soul are treated. The human being is viewed and treated as a whole, including his or her life circumstances. The analysis of the inner and outer circumstances is therefore inevitable. This leads to a diagnosis and a therapy principle, which in turn influences the selection of acupuncture points.

The application of various acupuncture points has been confirmed in various studies that the fatigue as well as the psyche of the patients improved significantly through the treatments.²

The following habits or life circumstances can lead to fullness, emptiness and/or blockage of the blood, fluids and Qi:

–         Physical/ emotional overload and exhaustion          – Bad eating habits

–         One-sided workflows                                                 – Menstrual cramps/ birth

–         Poor sleeping habits                                                   – Infections and colds

–         Consequence of a disease state

How can I change my habits?

–         Adjust your diet: avoid convenience foods and greasy, fried food, avoid too many cold meals

–         Schedule time for yourself: short walks in the fresh air, conscious moments of relaxation

–         Find and minimise stressors

–         Observe emotional and physical state

Observing or changing the above points can lead to an improvement and more well-being in your life. However, changing habits positively in the long term is one of the most difficult challenges in our lives. So, if you want to get the root of your problem and find a long-term solution, make an appointment with one of our therapists. They will put together a personalised treatment plan and recommendations and work with you to make your goals a reality.

Various studies confirm that acupuncture significantly improves somatic as well as mental fatigue. At the same time, the general psychological well-being is also improved.³

What can I do until my first appointment?

Ask yourself the following questions:

How is my energy level on a scale of 1-10? (1= drained)

When or how does my condition improve or worsen?

How is my digestion in general?

Since when have I felt like this? Have my circumstances changed?

What are my accompanying symptoms?

Activate the following acupuncture points by tapping and pressing for minimum 30 seconds each and get your “Instant Energy Boost”:


Du 20:              Above the tips of the ears in the middle of the head

ST 7,6:             Below the cheek bones against tiredness

KI 27:               Inner lower ends of the clavicle

Ren 12:            Mid Sternum between the niples

2. Rub all your finger tips together

3. Clap yourself with flat hands or loose fists three times down the front of the body to the feet and up the sides again


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