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Anemia (anemia) does not refer to a lack of blood as a whole, but rather to a reduced number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) or their pigment, hemoglobin. The most common causes are iron deficiency and an imbalance between the breakdown and formation of red blood cells. In addition, chronic internal bleeding, heavy menstruation, or injuries can lead to a decrease in red blood cells. Due to the lack of hemoglobin contained in erythrocytes, which is responsible for oxygen transport, cells and tissues receive insufficient fuel for energy production. Affected individuals appear pale, tire quickly, and suffer from lack of concentration. Anemia, especially caused by iron deficiency, can be effectively combated with natural remedies such as specific medicinal herbs and mindful nutrition.

Iron Suppliers

Internal organs, meat, and fish have high iron content. Among vegetables, legumes, parsley, and chard are particularly rich, as well as millet and wholemeal bread. Raw food and fruit are essential components of the diet, mainly because of the vitamin C essential for iron absorption.

Caution: Do not take iron supplements without consulting a doctor. Overdoses can lead to dangerous iron storage with organ damage and poisoning.

What You Can Do

Pay attention to a balanced diet with a high proportion of fruits and vegetables. Avoid the vitamin C robber nicotine, as vitamin C facilitates the absorption of iron into the body. Have a doctor investigate the causes of anemia to rule out serious illnesses such as internal bleeding.

Body’s Iron Needs

Iron plays a significant role in connection with anemia because it is a component of the blood pigment hemoglobin. Around 70% of the body’s total iron reserves are bound there. However, in nature and thus in our food, the essential trace element occurs in compounds that are either not or only poorly utilizable for us. To meet the daily requirement of around 1 mg, food intake must be 10-15 times higher.

The Generational Misconception

The legend of the high iron content of spinach is a good example of how difficult it is to reverse a false statement once it has been made. On the one hand, the iron content is not as high as once claimed. On the other hand, although iron is still abundant in spinach, it is in a bound form and can therefore only be absorbed in extremely small amounts.

Iron Absorption in the Body

How iron is absorbed and utilized by the body depends on the diet: Vitamin C and animal proteins support iron absorption. Coffee, black tea, red wine, some medications, and phytate, a component found in certain grains, inhibit it. Allow muesli and whole grains to soak for about an hour before eating. During this time, the phytate breaks down.

Extra Tip

Contraceptives can greatly influence iron needs. The pill reduces it because blood loss during menstruation is lower. The situation is different with the coil, which causes heavier bleeding and thus higher iron loss.

Herbal Teas

For anemia, a tea made from ironwort is recommended. Add 1 tablespoon of ironwort to 1/2 liter of water and boil the mixture for about 10 minutes. Then strain the plant parts. Drink 1 cup of this tea 2-3 times a day for several weeks.

Mindful Nutrition

⫸ The nettle is a true treasure trove of iron. As it also contains vitamin C, the trace element can be absorbed relatively well. Nettle tinctures or young leaves are particularly effective.

⫸ Vitamin B12 deficiency, a rare cause of anemia, can be caused by a vegetarian diet without eggs and dairy products. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods. Strict vegetarians should take preventive vitamin supplements.

⫸ Cooking or frying drastically reduces the iron and vitamin content in food. Avoid long cooking times if possible, and steam vegetables only briefly. In addition, eat plenty of salads and raw vegetables.

Gentle Techniques

Due to their generally invigorating effect, Kneipp applications can also be recommended for anemia. In addition to alternating cold showers, dry brushing, which stimulates circulation and thus oxygen supply, is particularly noteworthy. Perform the brush massage with either a rough sisal glove or a firm brush.


⫸ Take 5 globules of the following homeopathic remedies three times a day if anemia is causing the respective symptoms:

⫸ Ferrum metallicum C30 for general exhaustion, fatigue, concentration, and performance weakness

⫸ Natrium chloratum C30 for pallor, heavy menstruation, constipation, headaches


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