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Complementary Medicine Therapist

Mounia Jammal-Pichard

Mounia’s first contact with TCM was during her pregnancy. This experience has shaped her ever since. After working in an auction house in Paris, she studied acupuncture in France. She went on to deepen her knowledge in France and abroad, continuing her focus on women’s health. Her further training included menstrual cycle disorders, pregnancy and reproductive health, as well as perimenopause and menopause. Through her work, Mounia aims to help women gain easier access to holistic treatments and thus reclaim their bodies. As part of her broad approach, she also offers advice on nutrition, mental health and cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

When not working in her practice, Mounia is passionate about sharing wellbeing techniques at different stages of women’s lives through podcasts and talks.

Mounia graduated from the Paracelsus School Zurich in 2022, received her OdA AM certificate as a naturopath in TCM/Tuina in 2023 and has been working as a therapist in TCM/Tuina since 2023.

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