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TEM Treatments

Our on-site treatments and online coaching plans are designed to channel the natural ability of your mind and body to heal from the roots.

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chronic disorders

Women’s Health
From irregular cycles to perimenopause challenges, Naturopathy offers a wealth of natural tools for sustainable results. It addresses issues like infertility and pregnancy concerns through a personalized approach, utilizing organic remedies and body treatments. With a deep understanding of women’s health, Naturopathy provides effective solutions, supporting balance and well-being at every stage of life.
Weight loss
In the pursuit of weight management, Naturopathy takes a comprehensive approach. It recognizes diverse root causes of overweight or obesity, employing personalized nutrition, inflammation-reducing bodywork, and metabolism-boosting supplements. Through this tailored strategy, Naturopathy helps individuals restore balance and achieve sustainable weight loss.
Sleep & Stress
In the realm of sleep and stress management, Naturopathy provides effective solutions. It addresses the intricate balance between sleep and stress, offering natural remedies and relaxation techniques. Through a harmonious blend of calming herbs and holistic practices, Naturopathy helps individuals achieve restful sleep and manage stress levels, fostering overall well-being.
Mental Health
Navigating mental health challenges is an area where Naturopathy shines. It recognizes the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, offering personalized solutions for conditions like anxiety and depression. With a focus on natural remedies and holistic practices, Naturopathy supports mental health recovery, helping individuals achieve emotional balance.
Gut health & digestive issuess
For those grappling with digestive discomfort, Naturopathy stands as a beacon of relief. It addresses symptoms like bloating and diseases such as IBS and Crohn’s with prescribed vital herbs, mushrooms, and specialized body treatments. By focusing on gut health, Naturopathy offers personalized solutions to restore balance, providing effective relief from common digestive issues.
Naturopathy offers a robust, multi-layered approach. It employs immune-modulating herbs, toxin-clearing remedies, and strengthening reflexology to fortify the immune system sustainably. With Naturopathy, individuals can enhance their resistance to allergies, colds, and other immune-related issues, promoting long-term well-being.
Pain relief
Naturopathy excels in providing natural pain relief solutions. It delves into the root causes of pain, utilizing a combination of herbal remedies, targeted therapies, and body treatments. By addressing pain at its source, Naturopathy empowers individuals to experience relief and regain control over their daily lives.
Naturopathy provides a powerful approach to alleviating allergies. It acknowledges the intricate relationship between the immune system and external factors, employing natural remedies, detoxifying treatments, and personalized strategies. By strengthening the body’s defenses and addressing the root causes, Naturopathy offers effective relief from allergies, allowing individuals to enjoy life without the burden of persistent allergic reactions.

A unique health center
in the heart of Zürich.

Health benefits
of Naturopathy

Traditional European Medicine (TEM) has a strong track-record in healing. In Europe, more than 10 million patients are going regularly as a complement to their medical doctors.

  1. Long-lasting impact
    A focus on the root cause of your chronic symptoms to promote sustainable results
  2. Results you can feel
    Medical massages or cupping can have a tangible impact on your chronic issues and boost relaxation
  3. Organic treatments & prescriptions
    Herbal and vital mushrooms treatments are 100% natural
  4. Restore natural balance
    TEM allows your body & mind to come back in balance by identifying stagnations.
  5. Boost your energy
    TEM treatments are designed to unlock any energy stagnation in your body and mind.
  6. Reduce stress
    As a root-cause and consequence of so many chronic disorders, stress can be sustainably reduced thanks to TEM treatments and organic prescriptions.

It’s always the right time to feel better.

How it works

We take time to get to know you, your health and lifestyle in order to provide the most accurate treatment possible.

1. Complete health picture

We start by asking you many questions to get a deep understanding of your chronic symptoms.

2. A series of treatments is proposed

We recommend you a certain number of treatments, specific treatment methods and prescribe vital mushrooms or herbs.

3. Your treatment starts

Enjoy your treatments in uniquely designed treatment pods which elevate your state of flow and relaxation.

4. Health

We adjust your treatment plan based on how you feel and your Symptom Score.



Lessingstrasse 15
8002 Zurich

Coming by public transportation?Tram: 5, 13, 17
Bus: 72, 89, 200, 210, 444, 445
Train: S4, 10 min from Zurich HB

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Parking slot 10, in front of the centre. Please let us know at least 48h in advance.


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