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Video consultations from the comfort of your home. All around Switzerland.


Your lab tests, health & lifestyle data enable us to diagnose the source of your symptoms and offer efficient solutions.

Break free from your chronic disorders
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Women’s Health
We offer medical support for your cycle disorders, fertility, pregnancy & postpartum, and Menopause. The Holistiq doctors and midwives will support you on all technical topics. After screening, our doctors can notably prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) as a natural but efficient way to balance your hormones.
Gut health & digestive issues
Advanced diagnostics using microbiome tests to tackle key problems like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, SIBO, SIFO, leaky gut, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory issues & Crohn disease.
Weight loss
Complete analysis of the causes of your overweight condition to unlock results you can feel and reduce the risks of diabetes type 2 and other inflammatory disorders. Our doctors can notably provide medically-assisted weight loss and facilitate access to and withdrawal from the GLP-1 drug.
Sex Hormones
Hormonal imbalances can cause many troubles in both women and men. Our personalized plans will help you regulate and optimise your hormone levels through many different channels. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) could be prescribed as an organic way to limit the symptoms linked to a hormonal disbalance.
Sleep & stress
Sleep and stress are the number 1 factor of many chronic issues. Advanced sleep and relaxation protocols will help you to unlock a healthier you.
Health Checkup
Leverage a science-backed approach to reach optimal physical and mental energy levels. From nutrition, supplementation, sleep, recovery, lifestyle and mindset. Key biomarkers will be tested through relevant lab tests and in-depth analysis.

It’s always the right time to feel better.

How it works

Our doctors take the time needed to get a full picture of your health, find the root causes of your symptoms, and create a tailored plans for you.
Meet with them via secured video consultations from wherever you are.

The first 40-minute consultation and the 30-minute follow-ups are fully covered by your basic health insurance.

***Our online services must not be used in emergencies. For life-threatening emergencies, please dial the number 144. For general medical emergencies or acute cases please contact your personal physician. The Holistiq platform must not be used in such cases***

1. First 40 min. online consultation to get a complete health overview

Your doctor will get a deep understanding of your chronic symptoms, your overall health and lifestyle.

2. Lab tests are prescribed to get closer to the root causes

Discover the root causes of your chronic problems thanks to an analysis of your biomarkers in relationship to your lifestyle. The Holistiq lab partners are near you.

3. Personalised health plans are proposed

Based on your condition, your doctor can keep on supporting you on the medical side (30 min. follow-up sessions) with prescriptions and propose specific Holistiq health plans.

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