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Holistic Nutritionist

Andrea Ramseier

Since 2006, Andrea has been working in the field of holistic nutrition and psychological counselling, exploring the motivations behind eating behaviour and the complex interplay of multifactorial influences.

She specialises in overweight and obesity and has honed her expertise through extensive interdisciplinary work at the Obesity Centre of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital and through targeted further training. Andrea provides expert counselling, using coaching models and techniques to strengthen her clients’ self-efficacy and maximise their potential. She excels at meeting her clients where they are and trustingly accompanying them on their life journey.

Her qualifications include a CAS in Personal Health Coaching from the University of Basel, as well as diplomas in Boundary-Based Awareness Coaching, Mindfulness and Holistic Nutritional Counselling. She is currently training to become a Logosynthesis® Practitioner and is committed to continually expanding her knowledge and skills.

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