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Women's Health Expert

Isabel Waldmeier

Through her studies in Sports for Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Basel, Isabel studied the intricate mechanisms of promoting health through physical activity. As a teacher, she combines her passion for education with her knowledge of preventive health strategies to promote active lifestyles among her students. To learn more about these health-related topics, she enrolled in the Personal Health Coach CAS after becoming a yoga teacher in the field of Ayurveda and focusing on relaxation – a tool that she believes is much needed today, for both adults and children.

Isabel’s journey into holistic wellbeing led her to immerse herself in various courses and workshops focusing on hormonal health and the female cycle. Recognising the profound impact that hormonal balance has on overall wellbeing, she is committed to bringing a comprehensive awareness to this area. Isabel is committed to integrating her expertise into her teaching and personal life, promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness for herself and those around her. She is a firm believer in the power of education and lifestyle choices in shaping a vibrant and resilient society.

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