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Pregnancy & Postpartum Expert

Lisa Mitterrigger

Lisa is a passionate Italian Midwife who advocates for women-centred health care that treats body, mind and soul.
Since stepping into midwifery, Lisa has seen women as the experts for their health.

Over the years, she gained valuable professional experience at University Hospital Vienna and Policlinico Gemelli Rome, as well as an independent midwife. Being able to compare conventional and complementary approaches, she recognized the profound benefits of holistic care, observing not only quicker resolution of symptoms but also a positive impact on the long-term health of both mother and baby.

After graduating in 2017 from Fachhochschule FH Campus Vienna she followed her passion for Chinese Medicine and obtained the Promedico Acupuncture Certificate for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period in 2020. In 2021, she concluded her Master’s in Bioethics in the area of Childhood and Motherhood at LUMSA Masterschool in Rome.

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