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Holistic Nutritionist

Marigona Leci

Marigona Leci is a holistic health counsellor – a holistic nutritionist who has chosen this profession wholeheartedly. Her motto is “food is medicine and medicine is food”. Her aim is to help people regain their balance by offering personalised nutrition plans that take into account all aspects of their lives.

As a working mother of two young children, Marigona Leci understands the challenges of integrating balanced nutrition into daily life. Drawing on her own touching story and health experiences, as well as her knowledge and intuition, Marigona Leci advises her clients from the depths of her heart.

Mary Leci advises her clients intuitively and holistically, taking into account not only nutrition but also other aspects such as exercise, stress, sleep and emotional well-being. Recognising that each person is unique and has individual needs, Marigona Leci creates a personalised nutrition plan for each client. As an expert in her field, she can help her clients achieve optimal health and balance.

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